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Top 7 Things That Can Ruin A Sale

Firm Price: In the mistaken belief that they are separating the serious buyers from the tire kickers, some sellers will make it clear that the price of the house is "firm." That statement...

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Top 7 Tips On Avoiding Mortgage Turn-Downs

One of the primary reasons for the real estate meltdown in the United States was the ability of individuals to obtain mortgages well beyond their ability to ever repay. ...

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Top 7 Tip-Offs That You Have The Wrong Agent

There are times when you enter into a business relationship in good will and as time goes on you realize you've made a horrible mistake. When you contract with a real estate agent to sell your propert...

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Top 7 Mistakes Sellers Make

Every seller wants to get top dollar for their property and sell it fast. Unfortunately reality often gets in the way.   Over Improvement: Everything is relative and an amount of improvement...

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Top 7 Mistakes Buyers Make

Some buyers approach making the largest investment of their lives with the levity of a Saturday afternoon at the mall. Purchasing a residential property is an enormous responsibility...

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Invest In A Home Or A Portfolio?

It is not difficult to find financial gurus who will argue for or against the reasons for investing in a home vs. a portfolio of equities or mutual funds. Some of the arguments for the portfolio include: Lack Of Diversification...

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Top 7 Tips On Avoiding "House-Poverty"

Everyone wants to live in a manicured golf fairway mansion with an Olympic sized swimming pool, but when the reality of paying for it all interferes with the fantasy...

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Top 7 Ways To Avoid The Fickle Buyer Run-Around

Some buyers seem to have been placed on this Earth just to drive sellers around the bend. From irrational demands, to sudden backing out at the last minute, fickle buyers can not only ruin a transaction...

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